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The Drawing Room

To be sociable and to belong to different clubs was important in the 1800s. Salons were also in vogue, i.e. gathering in someone’s home to discuss literature, art, music, philosophy, or other topics of the day. The Fürstenbergs were, of course, interested in art and culture and enjoyed socialising with the artists they came across in a number of ways.

This room, Salongen (The Drawing Room), was once the Palace Hotel’s hall of mirrors. Today, it is a place for the modern equivalent of salons. Whether you’re interested in culture, business or pure pleasure, this is an environment that promotes new and exciting ideas. This room can be hired for all kinds of meetings, conferences, lectures, launches, performances and parties. On weekends, we increase the tempo and party atmosphere here – from Thursday to Saturday, a number of exciting artists play on the Salongen (The Drawing Room) stage. As well as the stage with sound system, there is also a bar and open fireplace.

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